Mike Deasy

This nasty little number, "God Hates Queer" ( lyrics are here), is sung and written by Mike Deasy , a professional musician who has worked with some of the most well-known performers of our generation as a studio and concert guitarist. He's now a Gospel music artist, popular among Evangelicals. In the1990's, because of his good reputation, I invited him to sing and speak at an inter-denominational Church in Niagara Falls, NY (I hadn't heard this song when I invited him). The congregation applauded the song and sang the chorus along with him - except for the gay people who worshipped with us; They were horrified not only by the lyrics of the song, but by the reaction of the congregation. Mike sang this song in large, mainstream Evangelical Churches, not fringe groups like Fred Phelps's infamous Westboro Baptist Church. He announced plans to market the recording to Country/Western radio stations. Mike and I chatted via email a while ago. He told me he no longer sings this song because of controversy, but made it clear that he still believes its content.

Most people of average intelligence would agree that the song is ridiculous and offensive, but the effect of homophobia on people, young and old, can be profound. Religious and political leaders casually, and often jokingly, spew out anti-gay ideology based on ignorance. Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson publicly suggested that the gay community was partially responsible for the 2001 attack on the World Trade Center , saying it was God's judgment. Of course, most of us know such allegations are absurd, but good people who secretly struggle to reconcile their sexuality with their faith, or simply don't want to be hated for who they are, especially by the people they love and respect, are tortured and driven to despair.