"Pieces Of Dreams" is a musical theatre experience, telling the story of a man's journey. As a child , he was bullied for being "different". Eventually, hardened by hostility and violence, he became a bully himself. While serving four years as a Navy Hospital Corpsman during the VietNam era, like many young people during that time, he had a spiritual awakening. The experience lifted him out of self-hatred and anger that had largely resulted from a lifelong struggle with his sexuality. He joined the Evangelical movement and held onto the false hope that was promised without wavering - that God would make him a heterosexual. After twenty years running an active inner-city and international ministry, serving real people with real needs, he re-examined the Scriptures and came to the logical conclusion: condemning LGBT people is all wrong. "Coming out" has changed everything, and what were once his dreams have become reality.

The "culture war", waged by the Religious Right has made the gay community its main target. Bible passages used to advance homophobia have been misapplied and mis-interpreted for many years. Religious and political leaders are fueling hatred and fear of gay people.

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